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Year End Bookkeeping

bye-bye spooky tax bill

Did you spend another year ignoring your bookkeeping?

This guide + spreadsheet will help you catch up on your bookkeeping.

Step-by-step instructions to help you gather information, record income, capture expenses, reconcile accounts, review your numbers, and use the spreadsheet template provided.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping isn't an option for every equestrian entrepreneur.

Struggling through your bookkeeping during tax season creates stress and increases your chances of missing those valuable deductible expenses.


Red Flags in Your Bookkeeping

A guide to identify and resolve red flags in your bookkeeping. 


EE Research Form

The EE Research Form gathers data to help identify common industry pain points and communicate findings through blog and social media posts to create transparency within the industry.

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Equestrian Entrepreneur™ Blog

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Industry insights and entrepreneurial wisdom from EE Founder, Christa Myers.

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EE in the Wild

The Leadline Podcast

ep. 34 | May 2022

"Debunking the Horse Industry Money Myth with Christa Myers"


The Equine Photography Podcast

ep. 18 | january 2023

"Debunking the "Horse Girls Have to be Broke" Myth with Christa Myers"


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The Equine Photography Podcast

The Equine Photography Podcast

ep. 29 | April 2023

"Making your equestrian entrepreneurship dreams a reality"


The Equine Photography Podcast

The Equine Photography Podcast


The Equestrian Connection

November 2023

"Your equine bodywork business shouldn't be treated like a paid hobby."


Starline Equine Bodywork

How your beliefs are impacting your business.

ep. 29 | April 2023

Equestrian Entrepreneur™ 


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