Hey Equestrian Entrepreneur™, Let's Build Your Equestrian Empire


an equestrian entrepreneur™ who is ready to step into their role to build a profitable, stable  business that funds the horse girl dream.


CEQO™ Mentorship

CEQO™ Collective

Monthly and quarterly mentorship programs for the equestrian entrepreneur who needs guidance and accountability to build their equestrian empire.

A virtual hub that includes courses and educational resources covering a variety of business topics taught by CEQO, Christa Myers.

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CEQO™ Mentorship Programs

Single Session

The in-gate to Business mentorship

Book this session if this is your first time working with Equestrian Entrepreneur. Bring along your questions and pain points from your bookkeeping and business, we'll discover some solutions to strengthen your financial foundation while getting to know each other and how which mentorship program best suits your needs. $265

Monthly CEQO™

INTENSIVE SUPPORT For Financial Growth

The monthly CEQO mentorship program is for the equestrian entrepreneur who has heavier financial and business pain points to solve. This program is a monthly container that includes three virtual meetings and message support for four weeks.
Starting at $795/month.


Consistent Support for sustainable Growth

The Quarterly CEQO Mentorship program is for the equestrian entrepreneur who is committed to long-term consistent and sustainable growth. The package combines bookkeeping support and business growth. A private mentorship session and two group sessions per quarter, the program that helps you step into your role as CEQO.

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Take it From a Fellow CEQO™...

"I’m not even sure where to begin. Christa has not only given me confidence in my bookkeeping, but also in my pricing and brand voice. My business has been scaling incredibly quickly, and my fellow entrepreneurs (and clients!) are noticing. I recently had someone ask me what I thought was the root cause of my recent growth. It took me no time to respond: Christa."


"It's the end of the broke horse girl era.. and the beginning of horse girl money."

Christa myers, founder of equestrian entrepreneur™