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You know how to take care of horses — you could do it in your sleep. But turning your hobby into a profitable business that makes enough money to support your horse girl lifestyle? Yeah, that's not something you learn in a barn. Equestrian Entrepreneur helps you confidently grow your business by focusing on your numbers. We're helping equestrian business owners transition from broke horse girl into the CEQO that creates stable profit in an unstable industry.

Equestrian Entrepreneur meets each business owner where they are to help them create a future where the reality of horses is afforded and dreams are funded. It doesn't matter what season of business you're in, we can help you analyze, identify, and solve your financial operations pain points. Our approach to money is a combination of mindset and management, it's a balanced approach to keep you in business and in the tack.

There is money in horses. Actually, there's a lot of it. In 2023, we handled approximately 3.1 million dollars amongst our bookkeeping and mentorship clients. Bookkeeping might never be second-nature like riding, but it can absolutely be easier, quicker, and simpler then the struggles you're currently facing.
You can make money in horses, now let's manage it better.

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Services to help you get back on course in your equestrian business finances

Bookkeeping Services

You know you need a bookkeeper for your business, the pile of horse… stained receipts in your office knows it too. You’re spending all your hours doing “all the things” that never actually get done and you’re no closer to living the dream you set out to chase. Well, horse girl, it’s time to get your business back on track and you back in the tack. Handing over the bookkeeping reins to Equestrian Entrepreneur means you don’t need to explain the costs of business in horses; we know it already.

 Monthly Bookkeeping begins at $355 per month, that’s less than one pair of show breeches, income from the average one-hour group lesson, and it’s less expensive than those sleepless nights worrying about the tax man or wondering if you’re even making money on this wild buckin' ride we call, equestrian entrepreneurship.

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CEQO™ Mentorship

Navigating the arena of horses, money, and business is a difficult journey. Now- you’ll have the support and guidance to avoid chipping into opportunities or going off course growing your equestrian business into the dreams keeping you going.CEQO Mentorship is the combination of business mentorship and bookkeeping support, helping you with the tasks that will create information that we will turn into sale offers and growth strategies while making sure your operations are streamlined and automated. This is not a fluffy, copy-pasta, do-as-I-did mentorship. It’s the type of mentorship that meets you where you are, pulls the best out of your ideas and creates strategies that create sustainable growth that protect your passion and your profit. 

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Equestrian Entrepreneur Sweater 

An exclusive and limited quantity sweater created for the Equestrian Entrepreneur. Designed by our CEO and made locally in Ontario, Canada. 

 It's made to take you from the saddle to the office and everywhere in between as you build your equestrian entrepreneur empire. Equestrians Supporting Equestrians, it's what the horse industry does.

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Educational Resources + Products

The majority of equestrian entrepreneurs don't have an education or much experience in business; they're in their first rodeo holdin' on between the buckery. The resources and products are made to help bring education, empowerment, and efficiency into your operations and strategy. 

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As young equestrians we were often told we couldn't make money in horses as if it were a bedtime story. Turns out, that's fiction and allows people to stick to the status quo where passion doesn't pay and work sucks (let's be honest).  

A fellow horse girl here to show you that you can choose both passion and profit.

I'm Christa

Real Talk:

You can make money in horses but you got to learn how to manage it if you want to keep it.

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Equestrian Entrepreneur disrupts traditional beliefs around horses and money and offers a different path — one where passion, profit, and purpose coexist. Because it's never too late to officially turn the saddle into your office (and we can't wait to show you how).

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