It's Time to End

the Broke Horse 

Girl Era. 

Hey Equestrian Entrepreneur, let's Build You a Profitable, Stable Equestrian Business.

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Halt the hobbyist approach that's chipping away at your profit.

As Equestrian Entrepreneurs, we're taught to care for our horses, but understanding all the details involved in creating a stable, profitable business is not something we learn in the barn.

Through done-for-you bookkeeping services, equine business mentorships, and resources by industry experts, the Equestrian Entrepreneur community helps you step into your CEQO role.

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Bookkeeping Services

Work with EE Founder and “The Equestrian Bookkeeper” Christa Myers with her foundational bookkeeping services.

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CEQO™ Mentorship

Prepare to leverage your financial foundation so you can grow and scale as a CEQO™ with our finance-focused community mentorship program. 

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CEQO™ Collective

A membership with resources from Equestrian Entrepreneur™ Experts to support your transition from #brokehorsegirl to #CEQO.

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EE Community Resources 

A collection of Equestrian Entrepreneur™-approved resources designed to help you and your business thrive.

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As young equestrians we were often told we couldn't make money in horses as if it were a bedtime story. I've come to recognize that the story is just a cover-up. That story allows most humans to stay in the comfort zone of societal norms, where passion doesn't pay and most dread their jobs.

A fellow horse girl here to tell you that you can choose both passion and profit

Hey, I'm Christa

Real Talk:

We can make money in horses but we must learn how to manage it. 

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Equestrian Entrepreneur™ disrupts those traditional beliefs through financial services, education, mentorship, and community so that we may all thrive, together. 

Are you ready to Disrupt the industry with me?

Year End Bookkeeping

bye-bye spooky tax bill

Did you spend another year ignoring your bookkeeping?

This guide + spreadsheet will help you catch up on your bookkeeping.

Step-by-step instructions to help you gather information, record income, capture expenses, reconcile accounts, review your numbers, and use the spreadsheet template provided.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping isn't an option for every equestrian entrepreneur.

Struggling through your bookkeeping during tax season creates stress and increases your chances of missing those valuable deductible expenses.


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