If I could best describe my younger self in two words it would be, barn rat. Between the ages of ten-to-twenty-one, you’d find me at the barn during every available time, absorbing that feeling only found within the walls of a barn. Money was always the limiting factor when it came to my riding career and time in the barn. However, I was raised by a trucker who taught us that if we work hard enough, we can make our dreams happen. And so, I would work in barns to work for lessons or lessen my board. Grit and creativity was leaned on in the absence of horse girl money.

My passion for everything horses was deep and I wanted to pursue a career within it. Listening to societal norms, I went off to university and pursued a career in the supply chain while intermittently working with businesses within the horse industry. 
This path would ultimately lead to burnout, trauma, and a very broke bank account; so I walked away from horses for a few years.

In 2020, I began to build out the idea of combining my love for horses, passion for continuous improvement, and knowledge of business and financial operations to create my own business.

At the end of the year, I began to build my own business while working full-time and completing a Business Analysis college program. It turns out, that what is common sense to me in business and finances was not common sense to everyone else. 

I was able to leverage growth within my own business while helping equestrian entrepreneurs in their own businesses and within nine months of launching, I quit my corporate job. 

My days are now filled with helping equestrian entrepreneurs build businesses that are profitable, stable, and fuel their passion. 

My story isn't unique; the horse girl story has maintained the same narrative for quite some time. The mission is to end the broke horse girl era by building profitable, stable equestrian businesses for equestrian entrepreneurs who are impacting and disrupting the equine industry.

I grew up dreaming of the day I would own a business in the horse world. 

It's time to drop the hobbyist approach that is chipping away at your profit.

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Help you work through your financial pain points by educating and guiding you on what you should be doing differently. 

Here's How my Bookkeeping Services Can Help You:

Set up your Quickbooks software to ease the stress of learning a new platform and reduce the time it takes you to complete your bookkeeping. 

Analyze your business to find bottlenecks and inefficiencies that are holding you back from more profit.

Guide you through any limiting beliefs you may have around your finances and take the "spook" away.

 Help you create a routine, which stops the spin of "what do I need to do?!?!?"

Fully take over every aspect of your bookkeeping.

equestrian Entrepreneur bookkeeping

Set up your Quickbooks software to ease the stress of learning a new platform and reduce the time it takes you to complete your bookkeeping. 

Bring along a cup of your preferred beverage and the worries that keep you up at night. Whether it's bookkeeping tasks or thoughts of how to end your broke horse girl era; the goal of a stable profitable business is shared. Write down your questions prior to the session to avoid brain fog or squirrelly conversation.

An invoice will be sent to the email used here, it needs to be paid within 72 hours of scheduling to secure your session. Let's get to making that horse girl dream a reality.

How should i prepare for our first session?

The perfect time to take your business finances seriously is: now. Often clients will wait until they have their books clean or are more "ready" but by working with me now, you will have accurate financial records that you can use to grow your business, without the frustration of doing it alone.

when should I work with you?

Submit an inquiry and receive an email with the next steps for interested services. Equestrian Entrepreneur is consistently booking services at least a month in advance; submit an inquiry before your pain points become an emergency. 

what's the next step to work with you?

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"Christa is extremely passionate about what she does and it comes through in her dedication to her clients

I really appreciate the time she puts in to educate her clients and to ensure they understand. She’s never hesitated to answer a question and has been a great support to me in launching my small business full time!"

Des Sieben, Owner of Mane

"Christa is a delight to work with.

It has been a relief to have a business-oriented mind who understands the horse industry organizing my books so that I can focus on the practical aspects of my job. In addition, she always shows up with a positive can-do attitude!"

Dr. Stephanie Crawford, Owner of On Course Chiropractic

"Christa has made my first year in business so much more then I could have ever imagined!

What started out as a small side hustle idea she helped me scale into a full-blown company and a profitable one at that! From weekly to monthly meetings covid restrictions or not Christa is always there to answer any questions. She has encouraged me in my times of doubt and taught me to keep an eye on my bottom line. She truly has been the support system I’ve needed in my life and business this past year."

Ashley Bielby, Owner of Bravado Equine Therapies

"Christa is incredibly passionate about supporting equestrian entrepreneurs!

She is very knowledgeable and supportive, and has helped my business immensely! I have such peace of mind knowing that my books are well organized and up to date thanks to her. If you’re an equestrian-based business, you need this woman in your life!

Dr. Kendle Dykstra, Owner of Unity Chiropractic Inc.

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