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Through one-on-one training and done-for-you services

Let's work together to build you a profitable, stable business that allows you to enjoy time with horses, set boundaries with clients, and stop the struggle through seasons to pay your bills.

EE Bookkeeping Training 

Introductory Call

Unsure where to start? In a  Introductory Call  we will review your current financial pain points and create a plan that best suits you and your business.
45-minutes $65

Bookkeeping education through a one-time ninety-minute virtual meeting. It's meant to feel like sitting down for coffee with another horse girl while learning the ins and outs of bookkeeping so you feel confident and empowered to properly manage your finances.

We will cover Business structure, bank accounts, tracking income and expenses, deductible expenses, accounting software, and monthly process.

After our session, you will receive an email report of suggested implementation steps.

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QBO Setup + Training 

Put down the financial frustration and pickup your bookkeeping on the right lead with Quickbooks Setup and Training. 

Throughout the course of three one-on-one sessions, you'll be guided through the entire setup of your Quickbooks Online account.

This software will give you the ability to automate your bookkeeping and develop a process so your numbers can be leveraged to grow your business. 

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Full-Service Bookkeeping

Ready to tell your bookkeeping to buck off? Here is your chance. 

Our done-for-you monthly bookkeeping service is for the equestrian entrepreneur stepping into their CEQO role. You're prioritizing the tasks within your business that light you up, make you money and bookkeeping just isn't that. Service begins at $350/month and can include:
Categorization of all sales and expenses, receipt management, reconciliation of bank accounts, monthly financial reports, quarterly meeting and email support.  

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Are You Ready to Have More Horse Girl Money in Your Pocket?

"Christa is extremely passionate about what she does and it comes through in her dedication to her clients

I really appreciate the time she puts in to educate her clients and to ensure they understand. She’s never hesitated to answer a question and has been a great support to me in launching my small business full time!"

Des Sieben, Owner of Mane

"Christa is a delight to work with.

It has been a relief to have a business-oriented mind who understands the horse industry organizing my books so that I can focus on the practical aspects of my job. In addition, she always shows up with a positive can-do attitude!"

Dr. Stephanie Crawford, Owner of On Course Chiropractic

"Christa has made my first year in business so much more then I could have ever imagined!

What started out as a small side hustle idea she helped me scale into a full-blown company and a profitable one at that! From weekly to monthly meetings covid restrictions or not Christa is always there to answer any questions. She has encouraged me in my times of doubt and taught me to keep an eye on my bottom line. She truly has been the support system I’ve needed in my life and business this past year."

Ashley Bielby, Owner of Bravado Equine Therapies

"Christa is incredibly passionate about supporting equestrian entrepreneurs!

She is very knowledgeable and supportive, and has helped my business immensely! I have such peace of mind knowing that my books are well organized and up to date thanks to her. If you’re an equestrian-based business, you need this woman in your life!

Dr. Kendle Dykstra, Owner of Unity Chiropractic Inc.

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